“In my earliest days planting a church in Manhattan, I discovered that Becky’s Christian vision had deep appeal to many of the most skeptical and secular people. I personally have learned much from her for my own preaching and teaching. Her books and teaching are clear and accessible, yet substantial and thoughtful. Becky evidences years of experience working with people at all stages of belief and skepticism. I highly recommend her ministry.”

Timothy Keller,
Senior Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City

“Becky Pippert is one of the most effective communicators of the gospel I know. God uses her unique talents to appeal to both the mind and the heart—whether it is helping seekers come to Christ or believers grow in their faith. Her writing and teaching is faithful to the fundamental teachings of Christ and yet speaks into the heart of our contemporary distress. Her teaching is deep, instructive and uplifting.”

Bob Russell
Founder and former Senior Pastor of Southeast Christian Church, Louisville

“Becky is a sparkling communicator whose enthusiasm for bringing people seeking God into contact with the Bible has been contagious here in the UK and in many different countries.”

Charlie Cleverly
Rector of St Aldates Church, Oxford

“Becky Pippert is a master of evangelism and discipleship.”

Wayne “Coach” Gordon
Founding Pastor of Lawndale Community Church, Chicago; President of the Christian Community Development Association, Chicago

“In recent years Becky has been exercising an extraordinary evangelistic and teaching ministry all over Europe, the most secular continent in the world. Whether speaking to believers or unbelievers, her teaching and writing is imaginative, accessible, practical and thoughtful.”

The Rev. Canon Dr. Michael Green
Author, speaker and theologian, Oxford

“Becky Pippert’s teaching and writing is clear, deep and palatable. She asks and answers many of the hard questions shared by both non-Christians and believers alike. I highly recommend her resources and ministry!”

Dr. D. Michael Lindsay
President of Gordon College, Wenham, MA

“I have found Becky’s teaching and writing to be thoughtful, sensitive and real. God has used her to minister in many different cultures and contexts. She continually reveals new layers of richness in what it means to follow Jesus.”

Amy Orr-Ewing
UK Director, RZIM, Zacharias Trust, Oxford

“Becky is a wise and experienced guide, whether your church needs help in evangelism training or you want resources to explore the Christian faith as a convert or a mature believer. Her teaching and books are stimulating, sensitive and sensible.”

Rev. Canon J. John, Chorleywood