About Becky

Becky Pippert, global conference speaker, evangelist and author of eleven books.

Becky’s worldwide best selling book, Out of the Saltshaker & into the World established Becky as a leading expert on personal evangelism. Becky is in demand internationally to speak on living life as an effective witness for Christ. Her latest book, Stay Salt, is the fruit of decades of experience in evangelism around the world.

Becky engaged in a more limited schedule of speaking events while raising a family—but when the nest became empty and the last child went off to college, she became involved once again in full-time ministry. Becky and her husband, Dick, established Saltshaker Ministries in 2001, with the aim of helping Christians to become confident disciple-makers. The demand for her to speak at evangelistic events grew rapidly, and Becky and her husband spent most of the following decade traveling the world, training and teaching.

In 2009 Becky and Dick felt a call to base themselves in the UK, to spend a season of ministry focused on Europe... where some said that “the lights had gone out for the gospel.” But Becky and Dick had been surprised and excited by a new generation of young adults who were eager to share the gospel. Becky and Dick spent six years based in Europe, seeing remarkable fruit as they have equipped churches and student groups to share the gospel effectively.

They have now returned to the US and are based in Holland, MI as she continues her worldwide ministry, which has spanned nearly four decades on all six continents.

As Becky says:

“When it comes to personal evangelism, let’s not repeat the older way by sharing truth with little relationship. Nor the newer way that is often relationship with little truth. Let’s follow the biblical model of sharing the beauty and the truth of the gospel in the context of authentic, genuine relationship.

0:00 - What have you been up to since you wrote Out of the Saltshaker?

3:40 - What is it about your approach to evangelism and your evangelism training that has equipped ordinary Christians to get going, and see fruit?

7:09 - How do you encourage non-Christians to study the Bible with you?

8:53 - How do seeker Bible studies work?

11:00 - What is your prayer for Uncovering the Life of Jesus?

13:04 - What are your plans for your ministry in the future?